Finally, an alternative to the status quo

Our care delivery model is designed to leverage local community resources and is based on transparent pricing.


Designed to deliver outstanding experiences

Our technology-enabled, team-based care model supports members through all of their healthcare needs, and provides an experience that they have come to expect in most other facets of their lives.



Our providers and partners are just as excited as we are about helping our members. Our Health Advocates, PCPs and partners will work together with members on their healthcare journey, including seeking specialists, imaging centers, labs, hospitals and centers of excellence.


Best-in-class delivery
and service partners

Our technology and care model is designed from the ground up to focus on the delivery of the highest value care. While others are focused on navigating the current delivery structure, we aspire to do more and have built a better approach.

An experience that delights

Mobile-first, health at the members' fingertips


Our Health Advocates are always by our members' side to help and guide them with all of their healthcare needs. Our focus is on keeping members well. 




Our care delivery partners have aligned incentives, ensuring members achieve their best health, while reducing costs and eliminating unnecessary care.


High-value, high-quality care

We brought together the highest-quality care providers and services to ensure members receive outstanding care and have the best outcomes possible.


Happier, healthier employees

Our virtual-first approach makes it easy for members to engage in their health. Our Health Advocates support them to ensure their experience is delightful and their healthcare needs are met.

Help your clients