Healthcare that engages, inspires and activates your employees

Our clients are self-funded employers who are looking for better healthcare options.



1 in 5 employers are re-examining their healthcare strategy

 Source, National Alliance of
    Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions

Our solution breaks free from traditional

approaches that just don't work anymore


and transparent

Healthcare that is convenient, comprehensive with fundamentally redesigned care models that are personalized and collaborative. All underpinned with technology that enables easier access, transparency and ensures your employees get the right care, at the right place and time.

Comprehensive guided


Our solution spans the entire spectrum of your employees' needs, not just acute episodic care. Our Health Advocates coordinate everything from day-to-day care, ongoing chronic condition management, lifestyle and behavior change, to navigating your employees through their healthcare journeys.

Valuable care with
lower total costs

We have designed an always on primary care centered model that places your employees at the center. Our relentless focus on high value care surrounds them with curated, coordinated resources. Our focus - the best health while reducing cost and unhelpful care.

Our technology-enabled, team-based care model supports your employees through all of their needs, providing an experience that delights.


Aligned incentives

We are in this together with you, along with our care partners.
We succeed when your employees are healthy and productive. Everything we do is focused on ensuring they stay healthy. We are so confident in our approach that we will share in the risk with you.


Curated network

Our providers and partners are just as excited as we are about helping you achieve your best health. Our Health Advocates, PCPs and partners will work together with you on your healthcare journey, including seeking specialists, imaging centers, labs, hospitals and centers of excellence.


Designed for health

Our technology and care model is designed from the ground up to focus on the delivery of the highest value care. While others are focused on navigating the current delivery structure, we aspire to do more and have built a better approach.

Better for you and your employees